1. posthawk:

    Jens Lekman - A Postcard To Nina


  2. 雨上がり / rain letup

  3. タップステップ / tip taps

  4. 悲しい顔しないで / Do not do a sad face

  5. 墓場にて / In the graveyard

  6. bride / 花嫁

    野バラで編んだ冠で飾るよ 少しだけいたいかもしれない

    輪 というモチーフに宇宙を感じる。


  7. 言葉にしたら無くなる / I hate you.


  8. kitsune-noir:

    johnny flynn | einstein’s idea

    come let’s be gentle, be soft in my arms
    there’s moonstorms been brewing & braying in the barns
    your mother is sleeping, i’ll play my guitar
    the twilight is keeping us close to the stars

    here’s where the stories live, here with the peace
    oh the kindly ol’ night wrapped warm in her fleece
    oh dream up a hot day, oh dream and be full
    of orion, his bow, the plough and the bull

    oh, my darling

    (元記事: mountaintalk (phoebe-birdから))

  9. 海 / she / sea


  10. rogerwilkerson:

    Gene Autry - Guffy the Goofy Gobbler - Columbia 7” - 1955